Hello Beautiful, here is your chance. Join my Accountability Club and you get the education, motivation and celebration to look great and feel great. 

When you know what to do, but need some help following through… Join this Accountability Club

When you want easy access to someone who can answer your nutrition questions, fitness concerns and discipline slips…  Join this Accountability Club

When you need someone on your side who sticks around, doesn’t judge and give you that nudge you need to stay on track…  Join this Accountability Club

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Just $190 per month

Before I tell you what you WILL get in this Accountability Club, let me first share with you what you WON’T:

  • You won’t have to eat foods you don’t like. How are you going to lose the weight if you can’t STAND the foods you’re eating? You wouldn’t which is why I won’t make you do it. This is a personalized program that will work around foods you enjoy.
  • You won’t have to start a 7-days per week, strenuous exercise program promising “quick fix” or “miracle results”. Your weight loss success is not a “quick fix.” I don’t want you to be in shape or healthy for just a little while. I want you to be “thinner for life.” I’ve maintained my weight loss for over 14 years. I know this works.
  • You won’t have to buy a “must-have” product, powder, pill, or DVD. I don’t need a gimmick – my system works if you do.

and…most importantly,

  • You won’t have to struggle through this alone. This is NOT just another cookie-cutter weight loss program. Thinner For Life is founded on the idea that you NEED the right support and coaching system to be successful. Support is the most important part!
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The Master Meal Plan customized to YOU!

Learn My Self-Care System

How to Develop good habits, NO Willpower required!

Smart Cardio vs Classic Cardio

Finding “Your Captain”

Sugar, Weight Loss, and your Health

Nutrition Danger Zones and Traps

The Number One Nutrient You Need Every Day!

Goal Setting, Balance, and the NEW SMART Goal System

Body Weight Exercises – No Gym Required!

Holiday Meal & Social Situation Strategies That Keep You on Track

Pantry Makeovers and much, much more!

Develop your own unique Master Meal Plan tailored specifically to you, your taste and what you want to achieve in your weight loss journey. With this, you never have to “diet” again

Get help mapping out a fitness routine that you want to STICK WITH and that leaves you feeling better, more toned and stronger.

Gain the confidence and control to commit to lasting change in your life. When you have the tools and right foundation. 


Join the Club NOW

Each Week

  1. Education: Get a Hot Topic Lessons – call in, connect via video, or listen to the recorded session

  2. Motivation: Attend Friday Office Hours – live calls with me, facebook office hours, or email exchange

  3. Celebration: Have “Weekly Check-ins” – stay on track when I track your goals 

  4. Bonus: weekly text message to keep you focused

  5. Bonus: Monthly Webinar and access to recording

  6. Bonus: Nutrition Matters Website Resources


Yes, you’ll set up account. 

When you set-up an account, you ensure security and control. Through CardPointe (SimplyPay), your credit or debit card information is “locked”. Plus, through your account you can manage your subscription. That means, you can CANCEL your membership to the Coach Roz Accountability Club at anytime you want.
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The Accountability Club 10-Point Pledge!

  1. It Works – My Thinner For Life is what Weight Watcher tries to offer, but can’t get right”. Nothing is missing – Fitness and Nutrition Accountability and Lifestyle Coaching – is the recipe for success.
  1. No Strict Or Fade Diets – I’ve ditched/dumped/debunked the diets and show you how to Clean Eat where eating whole, nutritious food becomes your way of life. Through one-on-one nutrition consultants you’ll discover how to create menu plans that fit your lifestyle and that are filled with food you love eating.
  1. It’s Convenient – Coaching and training occurs via telephone or video; session can be recorded
  1. Its Not Another “DIY, 1 Size Fits All” Program – There’s no cookie-cutter, downloadable solution
  1. You Get Personal Help – I believe you’re creative, resourceful and not a broken person… and I’ll help you do what’s best for yourself.
  1. It’s Fun & Motivational – Together we’re going to laugh out loud, play and lighten up
  1. Won’t Cost Too Much – What is it costing you to worry about your poor fitness level, weight, how you look and health now? We’re a whole heck-of-a lot less than that!
  1. It’s a Safe and Discrete – You can be as open as you need to be, because no one will make fun, judge or discourage you. This is a place to show up and be vulnerable.
  1. You Can Keep Up – I will not allow technology or unnecessary comparisons or your personal junk to hold you back. We can always get to “fixed”
  1. I’m Praying for You!
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