Here are some of my most popular blog posts and favorite podcast episodes that I think will give you a great peek into what I’m all about and hopefully supports you on your weight loss journey. There’s so much great stuff on my website so start here and then keep clicking around to see all that’s here!

Popular Blog Posts

  • Power Up Your Lunch!

    Power Up Your Lunch!

    An often ignored part of the day, lunch is actually a pretty crucial meal. Technically, all meals are crucial but this one especially since it can be easily overlooked! From a deadline that needs to be met, meetings that go over, and just lack of time in the morning to prepare, lunch can be pushed to the background. This ultimately leaves us hungry, undernourished, and ready to grab anything in sight. And anything in sight is usually full of sugar, fat and salt. That no longer has to be the case. Keep reading to see how you can pump-up your lunch and stay satisfied for hours! […]

  • 5 Comfort Foods You Can Eat Without the Guilt!

    5 Comfort Foods You Can Eat Without the Guilt!

    There is absolutely nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold day or a plate of steaming mashed potatoes and a gravy river after a trying work day. But sometimes, the same nostalgic dishes that comfort in the moment can cause anguish later when we realize we’ve had one too many red velvet cakes slices this month. Notorious for being filled with the Taste Trifecta – salt, sugar, and fat – comfort foods can make sticking to our healthy meal plan hard. But not anymore. I’ve come up with 5 totally tasty, totally comforting, and nowhere near as harmless to our waistline foods that still bring that comforting feeling. […]

  • Discover the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health

    Discover the #1 Best Diet for Weight Loss and Great Health

    Adapted from TIME Magazine article: How to Eat Now Eat at home because it’s good [...]

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