“I’ve done other weight loss systems and belonged to other gyms”

“I think this program works so well because of all the components combined. Weight training is my favorite, but without cardio I don’t feel I’ve gotten a “real” workout in. I have learned to enjoy working up a sweat. The nutrition and accountability are key factors for me. I’ve done other weight loss systems and belonged to other gyms. No one really knew me or cared if I showed up or not. That made it way too easy to just not go. Here, I know if I don’t show up or if my weight starts creeping up, someone is going to say something.”
Nicole Thomas, 43

“I’ve learned how important nutrition is…abs are made in the kitchen!”

“My progress has increased my self-confidence”

It’s the “whole package”- exercise, nutrition, accountability and camaraderie.It’s a structured plan that works. I don’t have to think about what exercise to do, the trainers tell you what to do, how to do it and hand you the weights! Priceless! I have learned a lot about nutrition and can now make better food choices. And the accountability factor is a key factor and necessary for me”
Mary Ripp, 50

“It’s just a great program”

“Coach Roz is the REAL DEAL!!! I highly recommend her work in this world!!”
Lauren Miller
“25 pounds lighter, a lot of work, and a staff that supports you completely. Thank you!”
Victoria Burch

“I get compliments every single day!”

“I am much stronger and endurance has gone up. I feel really good when I go shopping for clothes and try on some clothes and not have to go to the plus section. My confidence is up and my stress level is almost at zero. I get compliments every single day!”
Audrey Malenkano, 62

“I’ve gone down a few dress sizes…I can carry my grandchildren…I feel stronger!”

“I would highly recommend this to anybody “

I am beginning to like what I see in the mirror again – that translates in many ways such as increased confidence, a brighter outlook at life in general, and a higher self-esteem. I am accomplishing something worth while.”
Jeanie Hoover, 57
“I’ve been around gyms all of my life and have never seen a staff more dedicated to each persons goals. Anyone who has ever worked with a trainer or in a gym setting knows that is not an easy thing to find.”
Chris James
“I am more confident – not ashamed of how I look. My outlook – I feel better than I have felt in twenty years. All the components work together for a positive experience. I love the trainers, I’ve become friends with some of the other ladies and I seldom miss a session.”
Lorraine Dodson-Gater

“Could not have been successful without this team”

Everything has changed for me. My family is so proud of my transformation! Coming to the gym gives me a full hour for ME – to clear my thoughts release stress, ask questions and gain new perspective on food, exercise, and how to make it all work while going 1000 mph! “
Amanda Fisher
“She has worked with me to successfully lose 45 lbs and to maintain that weight loss. Roz has coached me through a lifestyle change that has resulted in a happier, more confident me. I would highly recommend her as a coach / trainer that provides the tools and motivation necessary to drive personal change to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Roz!”
Gwen Cox

“It gave me the opportunity to jumpstart reaching my goals”

“Coach Roz is an energetic and inspirational woman who exudes authenticity. When you talk with Roz, outside of her vast life experience, which is awesome to tap into, you also have a sense that she is really listening to every word you say and it means something to her. She is doing amazing things yet is 100% engaged with you. I highly recommend Roz.”
Lisa Boester
“Coach Roz has a personal testimony and the relevant experience to match. Her credentials are impeccable and she is motivated by a personal interest in everyone she meets and every cause she undertakes. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to meet your destiny with Roz. She can help.”
Doug Bender
“Roz Harris has a real passion and dedication to helping people attain their goals as it relates to health and wellness. Its a quality that comes through very clearly when you talk with her. If health and wellness are areas you want to experience greater success in, Roz Harris is a great resource for you.”
Aaron Laramore

“She ignited a passion I didn’t know I had”